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Where Do Broken Dreams Go?

The trouble with broken dreams is that they don't go away even after we discard them and give up. They just sit in your gut like an infection—an unfulfilled lump of failure. If they'd just die and go away we could move on. But they don't because we still believe in them. We still have the passion but are at a standstill. We still have that love to create and make them come true. So what do you do with broken dreams?

I finally gave up on some of my dreams and after I did, I woke up one morning and had a clear idea of how to proceed. At first, I was ticked off. I already decided I was done! Then I realized by walking away from the dream because of stress and disappointment, I hit a reset button that cleared everything and allowed a new thought process to develop. What I learned was that our broken dreams usually just need a little space, a break, a change, and then creativity can thrive again. It's extremely rare that a dream is so broken that it can't be realized in some way.

I have a few unfulfilled dreams that I've been working on for 40 years. I still work on them. I don't know how they will develop but I’ve learned it’s important to not predetermine the outcome. Being unattached to the outcome will help you accept and embrace all kinds of new possibilities. Hold steady to the vision and be ready to adapt to new possibilities to bring it to reality.