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Inspiration>Failure (Repeat) = Success

To me, the two most critical elements of success are inspiration and failure. Not drive, not ambition, not an insane list of unachievable goals. Just inspiration and failure. We are not efficient machines. We are humans. We have good days and bad days, productive ones, and unproductive ones. Pushing too hard, making unachievable goals, and constant drive without built-in rest will kill success quicker than anything else I know. And when you hit burnout, it's relaxation and play that will make things right again, and inspiration has a chance to return. When we "work" we refer the adult drudgery of duty and obligation for money. But it's play that will help us discover, experiment, learn, and progress.

It’s actually failure that we need most (despite that we think we need success the most). We fear and despise failure. We think it makes us look bad. (Which is a whole other subject about our deep insecurities.) In every failure is a lesson, a furthering of our education, a course correction pointing us back to inspiration with a modified outlook and a slight change in direction. That’s the only path I know of that leads to success. If you achieve success without these things, you skipped steps and will have to make up that homework eventually (trust me). So dream often, fail even more often, and dream some more and keep inspiration as a daily ritual.