Daniel Carter

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The Hero You Need in Your Life is YOU

As human beings, we naturally look for and find heroes to admire and imitate. They are a type of role model for us. Most of our heroes are admired from afar. Some we actually get to meet in person. Every hero is a type of rescuer. They are the defenders of right and good and understand the need for compassion as well as strength to defend. They inspire us to be empowered to pursue our dreams.

Life is filled with all kinds of wonderful and devastating experiences. If we experience enough trauma and devastation, we will likely become victims looking for rescuing heroes. We haven't had enough successes in overcoming trauma and devastation which usually cause us to believe we don't know how. If a hero/rescuer does come along, it's too easy to have high expectations for them or someone else continuing to rescue us and when they don't act according to our expectations, we are woefully disappointed. We thought they would continue to rescue and protect us, and they thought that by helping, they would empower us to find the confidence and power to help ourselves.

The biggest problem in all of this is how we see ourselves. For example, the mirror is supposed to help us by allowing us to see ourselves the way others might see us, so we examine with a certain critical look to make sure we look our best. But the mirror can also be a weapon we use to betray ourselves when we only focus on what we don't like about ourselves.

But when you close your eyes, how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself the way you do in the mirror, or do you imagine yourself as well, happy, and empowered to become what you hope? If you close your eyes for a few minutes every day and imagine yourself as a hero—as the person you want to become—you would change the direction of your whole life. I learned this for myself.

I once went on what was supposed to be a two-hour hike that turned into a grueling five-plus hour adventure that was filled with difficulty and elation. That hike taught me a lot about myself and helped me become the hero I needed most.

I've written about this experience and what I learned in an article titled, "How I Learned to Become the Hero I Needed Most in My Life." Click on the highlighted title to read the story.