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Another Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story by Daniel Carter

Another Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story by Daniel Carter


In this true story, Daniel faces constant opposition as he works to realize his dream of becoming a professional musician. A childhood accident left him with 9 1/2 fingers, but he didn’t let that stop him from composing. In college, although his parents want him to major in something more practical than music, they show their support by giving him the family piano. But his college professors dismiss his composition and performance skills and scoff at his dream. Finances become so tight that to pay his tuition, he decides he must do the unthinkable and sell his piano. Self-doubt and academic probation continue to plague him. Then on a cold, snowy December night, his spirit re-ignites with an unexpected gift.

In Another Christmas Carol, Daniel Carter shares his experiences of the true meaning of Christmas—and of love—and the power of hope. This heartwarming novella of brotherly love and the determination to keep a dream alive is sure to invite the Spirit of Christmas.

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